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City ended decades of hurt at Anfield by soundly beating Liverpool 4-1 on a memorable afternoon on Merseyside.

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City missed a first-half penalty before two Ilkay Gundogan goals - with a Mo Salah penalty sandwiched in-between - và further goals from Raheem Sterling và the irrepressible Phil Foden completed the rout.

It"s 14 wins on the bounce for this talented, hard working group of players & 21 games unbeaten - và for once, it was a very happy trip trang chính from the home page of Liverpool FC.


City started confidently without creating too many chances in a game that was all about pressing, breaking up play and trying lớn impose styles.

There were tactical battles all over the pitch, but not much in the way of goalmouth action.

Raheem Sterling had a few attempts at getting past Trent Alexander-Arnold on the left, và when he finally did get past, Fabinho caught his leg as he moved inlớn the box and referee Michael Oliver pointed to the spot.

If there was ever anyone you’d baông chồng to score given his size of late, it was Gundogan so when he stepped up & put his shot over the crossbar, a golden opportunity had been missed.

Liverpool showed flashes of menace but the first-half ended in stalemate.

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No matter, in the next attaông xã City took the lead again after a couple of mistakes by keeper Alisson saw the ball fall to Foden on the right of the box and he squeezed through two challenges before crossing for Gundogan who couldn"t miss from a couple of yards out.

And three minutes later, Alisson again made a howler, trying to lớn pass out from the bachồng he gave sầu it straight to Bernardo who drew the keeper off his line before chipping lớn the bachồng post where Sterling gleefully headed home from a yard out.




That’s three penalty misses against the Reds – và misses as in missed the target completely – & in games lượt thích this, it can be so costly.

Perhaps we’ve sầu been spoiled in the past with Mario Balotelli & Yaya Toure, but one player who does score regularly from the spot is Sergio Aguero.

Whether Aguero or De Bruyne step up when City next get a spot-lick – if they have sầu returned by then – will be interesting.

Maybe there is an expert taker in the side that we don’t yet know of – only time will tell.

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Fortunately, on this occasion, it didn"t matter.


City: Ederson, Cancelo, Zinchenko, Dias, Stones, Rodrigo, Gundogan, Foden, Bernarvị, Mahrez (Jesus 72), Sterling

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