Real madrid vs liverpool uefa champions league 2018 finals extended highlights

FINAL SCORE — Real Madrid 3-1 LiverpoolThis final will be remembered for the performances of Gareth Bale and Loris Karius, for opposite reasons. Bale, after spending most of the season getting subjected to rumors that he’d be sold, almost singlehandedly won the match for Real Madrid. Karius, who’s also had khổng lồ hear about his potential replacements, might have just played his last game for the Reds after some horrific errors.

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For the third straight season, Real Madrid are champions of Europe. Cheông xã out a full recap of the Champions League final here.


Loris Karius showed us just how deeply unfair the goalkeeper position is Cristiano Ronalvị is on the break và GOA--- just kidding a người is on the field Cristiano Ronalbởi hints at potential departure from Real Madrid after Champions League Final

Below, the game as it happened.

90’ — That Karius error sucked all the energy out of the Liverpool side of the building. Madrid coasting to their third-straight European Cup now.

83’ — GOAL! Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool

Gareth Bale scores again, và Loris Karius commits another howler. Bale’s long-range strike had some power, but a top class keeper would have tipped it over the crossbar. Instead, Karius punches it into his own goal.

Karius AGAIN with the mistake in net!This time he gifts Gareth Bale his second goal of the night, putting Real Madrid up 3-1.

— FOX Soccer (
FOXSoccer) May 26, 2018

82’ — Karius makes another big save, and Madrid looks well in control. Bale phối up the chance with a brilliant cross and Benzema got some power on his shot from 12 yards, but the Liverpool keeper was in a good position khổng lồ make the stop.

74’ — Andrew Robertson just saved the game for Liverpool with the blochồng of his life. Cristiano Ronalvày looked lượt thích he was clear through on goal & about khổng lồ score from close range, but Robertson flies out of nowhere to get in front of the ball.

70’ — Sadio Mane hits the post! Just like they did after the first goal, Liverpool have sầu responded to the second. This game doesn’t appear to be anywhere near over.

64’ — GOAL! Real Madrid 2-1 Liverpool

Just four minutes after coming on, Gareth Bale scored the goal of his career. Marcelo’s cross was hit a bit behind him, and Bale adjusted in midair khổng lồ hit a perfect right-footed bicycle kick inkhổng lồ the top corner. Maybe the best goal ever scored in a Champions League final. Utterly outrageous.

GARETH. BALE.One of the greademo goals EVER. Watch it a billion times. #UCLfinal

— FOX Sports (
FOXSports) May 26, 2018

60’ — Karius just redeemed himself with an outrageous reaction save sầu on Isteo from cthua kém range to keep it đơn.

And that’ll be Isco’s last action of the game, because he’s off for Gareth Bale.

55’ — GOAL! Real Madrid đối chọi Liverpool

Game on! Liverpool won a corner, then capitalized on it, with Sadio Mane finishing off the play. Roberto lớn Firmino floated the ball in, Dejan Lovren knocked it down, và Mane reacted quickly enough to lớn have sầu a tap-in.

The perfect response! Sadio Mane nets his 10 UCL goal of the season khổng lồ bring Liverpool level. #UCLfinal

— FOX Soccer (
FOXSoccer) May 26, 2018

51’ — GOAL! Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool

Oh no, what a terrible mistake by Loris Karius. He tries lớn start a Liverpool attachồng quickly with a throw, but instead throws the ball right inkhổng lồ the outstretched leg of Karim Benzema. The Liverpool keeper complains to the referee, but there’s nothing to lớn complain about. It’s a legal goal.

What a mistake from Karius as his throw gets blocked by Benzema và ends up in the back of the net!

— FOX Soccer (
FOXSoccer) May 26, 2018

48’ — Huge miss for Madrid! Liverpool turned the ball over trying lớn play out of the baông chồng, but Isco hit the resulting shot off the crossbar.

46’ — And we’re bachồng. No halftime substitutions. Liverpool had plenty to discuss in the locker room though, they really struggled after Salah went down.

HALFTIME — Real Madrid 0-0 Liverpool

How this game is scoreless, I have sầu no idea. Both teams have had chất lượng chances. If injuries to Mohamed Salah & Dani Carvajal hadn’t taken all of the momentum out of the match, perhaps someone would be on the scoreboard right now.

Highlight of the half: This GIF.

When Jürren Klopp realises Karyên Benzema"s goal has been disallowed...

— Real Madrid vs Liverpool live on BT Sport (
btsportfootball) May 26, 2018

45’ — Nađến arrives late into the box to put a shot inkhổng lồ the side netting. Finally, Madrid is in the game and looking capable of scoring.

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43’ — Real Madrid thought they scored, but it’s offside! Loris Karius saved a header by Cristiano Ronalvì & Karim Benzema pounced on the rebound, scored, celebrated, then saw that the assistant’s flag was raised.

35’ — Oh no, another injury. Dani Carvajal is face down on the pitch after a backheel gone wrong. He’s crying too. Nađến comes in lớn replace him.

29’ — Uh oh, Salah has sat bachồng down and appears lớn be crying. He looks like he knows he shouldn’t continue playing. Adam Lallamãng cầu is coming on khổng lồ replace hyên ổn.

Phokhổng lồ by Michael Regan/Getty Images 26’ — Salah is holding his right shoulder after getting yanked down by that arm by Sergio Ramos. He’s getting checked out by the Liverpool training staff, but it’s hard to lớn see hyên coming out of the match.

23’ — Two huge chances for Liverpool! Milner crossed for Firmino, who struggled khổng lồ get a shot off, & eventually had his effort blocked. Trent Alexander-Arnold’s follow-up was on target, though, and Navas made an excellent save.

18’ — Keylor Navas absolutely flapped at a corner kichồng, getting nowhere near the ball, but luckily for hyên, Virgil van Dijk missed a difficult header. If the ball was served in a couple of inches lower, Liverpool probably would have sầu taken the lead.

15’ — Finally, signs of life from Madrid! They surged forward off a turnover by Firmino, but Ronaldo’s shot from 12 yards was blasted over the bar.

14’ — Still all Liverpool. Mane and Salah both have sầu close-range shots blocked. The Reds have five shots khổng lồ Madrid’s one, which was a hopeful long-range effort by Marcelo.

7’ — Roberto Firmino played an excellent through ball lớn Sadio Mane, but Raphäel Varane made a better clearance. Madrid can’t really get out of their own half at the moment.

5’ — Liverpool win a miễn phí kick on the left wing off a bad turnover by... Cristiano Ronaldo? He took a bad touch và had the ball taken from him by Dejan Lovren, eventually putting Marcelo in a position where he had khổng lồ hachồng down Salah. Nothing comes of it, but it’s not a good look for Madrid.

2’ — This game might get wild. It didn’t take long for Mohamed Salah lớn get the ball inlớn the middle for Sadio Mane, though Real Madrid cleared.


— Managing Madrid (

1’ — Kickoff! After some bops from Dua Lipage authority & an extra-dramatic rendition of the Champions League anthem, Liverpool & Real Madrid have finally taken the pitch.

Keep an eye on the wings during the opening minutes, with Los Merengues playing a narrow formation và the Reds looking to lớn attack through their wingers.

Champions League final lineups

Both teams’ lineups are entirely without surprises. Managers Jürren Klopp and Zinedine Zidane have decided to trust the first choice teams that got Liverpool và Real Madrid khổng lồ this point, rather than try to engage in a chess match.

Liverpool starting XI (4-3-3): Loris Karius; Andrew Robertson, Virgil van Djik, Dejan Lovren, Trent Alexander-Arnold; Jordan Henderson, James Milner, Georgino Wijnaldum; Sadio Mane, Roberkhổng lồ Firmino, Mohamed Salah

Real Madrid starting XI (4-4-2 diamond): Keylor Navas; Marcelo, Sergio Ramos, Raphäel Varane, Dani Carvajal; Casemiro, Luka Modrić, Toni Kroos, Isco; Cristiano Ronalvị, Karyên ổn Benzema

The Champions League final is one of the most-anticipated days in the calendar every year. The two top teams in Europe going head to head is always a must-watch affair, và this year is no different — Real Madrid are going for an incredible third straight Champions League title and fourth in five sầu years, while Liverpool are taking aim at a return to European glory with their first Champions League title since 2005.

Real Madrid’s path through the group stage và knockout rounds wasn’t always an easy one, with several much closer calls than their fans would have liked. But they got the goals they needed when they needed them most, with the majority coming from Cristiano Ronalvị, & they’re in a position to lớn once more take the European crown. It would be a monumental achievement for them to lớn accomplish, one that few thought was possible in the modern era of the sport.

Meanwhile Liverpool have emerged from a deep dark spell in their history, having won the Champions League in 2005 và lost in the final in 2007, then falling well off the path of the elite afterwards. Jurgene Klopp has been working his magic in a big way, though, & his fearsome attacking trident of Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino, and Sadio Mane can và have sầu scored on anyone in a jaw-dropping path of destruction lớn reach the final.

This is set up to lớn be a massive, exciting final match. These are two teams with great attacks capable of throwing absolute haymakers at each other. The key is going to be which of their midfields và defenses can avoid making crucial errors -- which is something that both teams have struggled with at times, especially during their good-but-not-quite-good-enough league campaigns. This will be a match played on a razor’s edge, & neither team will be safe at any time.

Don’t bliên kết.

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How to lớn watch the Champions League final online và on TV

Match Date/Time: Saturday, 2:45 p.m. ET, 9:45 p.m. local

Venue: NSK Olimpiyskiy, Kyiv, Ukraine

TV: Fox (U.S. - English), ESPN Deportes (U.S. - Spanish), beIN Sports Spain, TV3, Antemãng cầu 3, Movistar+ (Spain), BT Thể Thao 2 (U.K.)

Online: Fox Soccer Match Pass, ESPN Deportes+ (U.S.), beIN Sports Connect España (Spain), BT Sport Live (U.K.)

Make friends: Cheông chồng out Managing Madrid for more Real Madrid coverage, & head over lớn The Liverpool Offside for more on Liverpool.

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