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We are confidently global và expertly local in every facet of commercial real estate. We believe sầu increased business complexities generate fresh opportunities to create what’s next for owners & occupiers the world over.

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WIN was created lớn tư vấn the talents of women team members through a platkhung that values diverse perspectives & leverages leadership skills lớn benefit our firm, clients, and the industry.
Our clients are more successful, và we are more successful, if our workforce reflects the world around us. We promote an inclusive mindset that inspires loyalty và where every individual has the freedom lớn contribute authentically.

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"I’m excited that C&W Services is heavily invested in giải pháp công nghệ. I’m aspiring lớn be able to lớn help the firm win more business while it advances further through the application of new technology"

Nadia Sudirman

Senior Facilities Manager


"I’m very appreciative khổng lồ be given the opportunity lớn work in C&W Group & be part of a team, that is nimble and agile, allowing us khổng lồ work closely khổng lồ identify gaps in the market và customise solutions to lớn meet client’s needs."

Richard Yap

Director, Business Valuation


"Handling safety & quality matters at the firm gives me và my team the chất lượng ability lớn work across multiple teams and disciplines. It has been an enriching experience for me”"

Sunny Tan

Head of HSSE - Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality

Discover how we’re shaping the skyline of your city by catching up on the lademo news from Cushman và Wakefield.

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Corporate social responsibility is embedded in our firm’s practices & strategic vision for the future. Find out more in our annual CSR report.

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