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Cristiano Ronalbởi has shown that even at 33, he is still in the conversation of being the best player in the world.

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His age also unfortunately means that the 2018 World Cup will likely be the last appearance at the international tournament in his prime athletic years. 

While he"s found success at the international cấp độ, Portugal won the năm nhâm thìn Euros, the World Cup"s golden trophy is one of the biggest absences in his cabinet. All eyes will be on the world"s most famous player as he tries to lớn capture it for likely the final time.

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Sporting News looks baông xã at Ronaldo"s World Cup history, through all the highs và lows.

2006 World Cup — Germany

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After helping Portugal reach the UEFA Euro 2004 final, the world was excited lớn see what one of Europe"s brighchạy thử stars would vì chưng next on the international stage. His tournament highlight wasn"t a goal or an assist, it was a wink. During Portugal"s quarterfinal game against England, Wayne Rooney stomped on Portugal defender Ricarvị Carvalho"s ankle và was sent off. English truyền thông speculated it was because of Ronaldo"s aggresive complaining towards the referee. While the official clarified the red card was only for the stomp, Ronaldo did not help his case when he winked at the Portugese bench following Rooney"s dismissal. To make things worse for the new Manchester United star, he scored the winning penalty in the ensuing shootout.

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Portugal moved on to lớn face France in the semifinals, where the team was ultimately defeated, 1-0. Ronalvị finished the tournament with one goal & was notably jeered during his final two games against Les Bleus và Germany, in the third-place playoff.

2010 World Cup — South Africa

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It was a tough road to lớn South Africa for Ronalbởi vì. While he had won a Ballon D"Or và became the world"s most expensive player (€94 million) when he signed for Real Madrid, he failed to lớn score a single goal during Portugal"s qualifying campaign. It wasn"t until a 7-0 thrashing against North Korea in the group stages that Ronaldo scored his first international goal in 16 months.

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After going undefeated in the group stage, the Portugese were rewarded with a Round of 16 matchup against reigning European champions, và eventual World Cup champions, Spain. La Roja won 1-0 while dominating possession & only allowing three shots on target. Ronalvày ended the chiến dịch with one goal in four games, & continued criticism for his international play.

năm trước World Cup — Brazil

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Once again, Ronalvì chưng displayed his brilliance at the club cấp độ, having won another Ballon d"Or và his first Champions League title with Real Madrid. He even showed significant improvement from his last round of World Cup qualification, scoring eight goals during Portugal"s campaign, including four in a two-leg qualifying playoff game against Sweden. Unfortunately, it was more of the same luck for CR7 by the time the actual tournament came around. Portugal suffered a 4-0 defeat lớn Germany — the worst World Cup loss in the country"s history — while Ronalbởi vì played all 90 minutes through a leg injury.

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He came baông xã against the United States & assisted on the injury-time 2-2 equaliser. It wasn"t until a late winner against Ghana that he scored his first goal of the tournament in a 2-1 victory. Portugal ultimately did not advance out of the group stage due khổng lồ goal difference. When asked if it was worth playing through an injury, and potentially risking his career, khổng lồ participate in the World Cup, Ronaldo said, "If we had two or three Cristiano Ronaldos in the team I would feel more comfortable. But we don"t."

2018 World Cup — Russia

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Ronalvì announced his presence at the 2018 World Cup in the most Ronalbởi vì way possible: a penalty. Seven minutes into lớn Portugal"s opening match against Spain, the referee awarded a penalty lớn Portugal after Ronalbởi appeared lớn get fouled inside the box. The Real Madrid star was as cool, calm và collective as ever & fired his shot past David De Gea for the opening goal of the game. Forty minutes later, he scored again when his shot bounced off De Gea and into the baông chồng of the net to put Portugal up 2-1. After a beautiful screamer from Nađến Monreal to lớn put Spain up by one, Ronalbởi had a chance khổng lồ tie the game at the 88-minute mark with a miễn phí kick.

In this one game, Ronaldo matched his career World Cup goals total to lớn prove to the world that he still has some magic left.

Portugal"s second game wasn"t quite the Ronalbởi super show fans were expecting, but the forward still found his way onkhổng lồ the scoresheet. He scored the only goal of the game four minutes into lớn the match in Portugal"s 1-0 win over Morocteo. Ronalvày has scored more goals in these first two games than his last three World Cups combined. 

Ronalvì chưng had even less of an impact in the game against Iran, where Portugal"s lone goal was scored by Ricarbởi Queresma và Ronalvì chưng missed a penalty opportunity. The solo draw was enough to lớn skết thúc the team to lớn the Round of 16 to face Uruguay, however.

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Unfortunately for Ronalbởi, that round is where Ronaldo"s 2018 campaign came up short. Edinson Cavani fired two wonder strikes past Portuguese keeper Rui Patricio to lớn cancel out defender Pepe"s second-half header to lớn give Uruguay a 2-1 win. Ronaldo leaves Russia without any hardware.

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