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Tan Thuan Corporation is a joint-venturecompany between Tan Thuan IndustrialPromotion Company (IPC) và Phu MyHung Asia Holding Corporation (FormerlyCentral Trading & Development Group(CT&D - Taiwan)).

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Since adoption of the economic resize policy in 1986, the Vietnamese Government"s direction for socio-economic development has remained unchanged. Stable political environment, steady upward economic growth, enhanced by its igiảm giá location, abundant natural resources & work force, và vibrant market growth, all contribute lớn make Vietnam giới the most desirable investment country in the region.

Tan Thuan Corporation is a joint venture between Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Corporation (IPC) andPhu MyHung Asia Holding Corporation. It has chosen Ho Chi Minh City, the core of Vietnam"s economic development and center of Asia"s major cities, khổng lồ develop the Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone (TTZ). TTZ is the first & the most successful export processing zone in Vietphái mạnh.



Total number of investors:199 from 20 countries


Total investment amount:US$ 1.690 billion

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Leased land area:174 hectares

TTZ investors by country

Country Number of companies Country Number of companies
nhật bản 64 Brunei 2
Taiwan 53 Spain 1
Korea 6 Cyprus (India) 1
Hong Kong 8 Italy 2
Vietphái mạnh 33 France 1
Singapore 5 Đài Loan Trung Quốc 2
Belgium 1 Denmark 1
USA 8 Samoa 1
Malaysia 4 Israel 1
Germany 1 British Virgin Islvà 1
Australia 1

TTZ investors by industry

Business Lines Number of companies
Software và High-tech 23
Electric appliances, electronics 22
Mechanics, precision machinery 28
Textiles, yarns, garments 39
Plastics 14
Food, drinks 6
Sports instrument và bicycles 14
Services 16
Medical device 3
Packaging 3
Trading 12
Others 16

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September 1991 Tan Thuan Corporation received the investment certificate for the establishment of Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone. February 1992The Construction Starting Ceremony of Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone was hold up khổng lồ mark the advent of the first EPZ in Vietphái mạnh. March 1993 The first company in the zone was granted the investment license. May 1996TTC officially became a thành viên of the World Economic Processing Zones Association (WEPZA). February 1997TTC was honored khổng lồ be the first foreign invested company was granted Certificate of Merit no. 001 by the Prime Minister. May 1998TTC was honored khổng lồ received the Labor Medal, Third Rank from President of Vietphái nam. September 1999 The British magazine “Corporate Location” ranked TTZ as the most attractive sầu industrial zone in the Pacific Asia. November 1999 TTC was granted ISO 9002. August 2001 TTC attained ISO 9001-2000 certification. September 2001TTC was granted the Labor Medal, Second Rank. January 2006TTZ was granted the Labor Medal, First Rank. August 2009 TTZ received the appellation ”Vietphái mạnh Golden FDI-2009” on representative sầu business. April 2011TTC attained the Independence Medal, Third Rank.

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