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* Management Trainee programs of IMV Jsc. are particularly useful in promoting an effective sầu recruitment và development program, as organizations are able to lớn hire and develop university graduates in a structured environment whereby individuals learn và acquire the necessary tools khổng lồ become future leaders - creating value & innovation.

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* The successful candidate will be the part of the Management Trainee Program to lớn develop outstanding young employee khổng lồ undertake managerial position. They will get a chance lớn develop their expertise in this field và also lớn be able khổng lồ build up crucial skills.

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Benefits of the program

1.Each Management Trainee will have sầu a Mentor who is a department head in order khổng lồ support him/ her during the development period. This arrangement does not influence the reporting relationship between the Management Trainee and line manager where the project / assignment is being taken.2.Work in a professional working environment with challenges for self-development, high team spirits, và high winning spirits an attractive salary package with premium benefits for fresh graduates.

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Job Requirement

- Graduated from University major in Chinese. Oversea graduate is preferable. Fresh graduate or last year student who can start to work from 01/2017

- GPA at least 3.0/4.0 or 7.5/10.0

-Non or 1-2 years of experience with extra-curriculum activities

- Clear career orientation, passion khổng lồ excel

- Good vision và leadership potential

- Able to work independently and as part of a team

- Good interpersonal skills, reliable, dedicated, vital, active

-Excellent communication in both written & spoken in Chinese.

- Candidate who’s also good at English is a plus

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Lê Thị Hiếu ( Ms.)

HRD-Recruitment Supervisor

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