Alexis sanchez's manchester united exit: where did it all go wrong?

Manchester United might have to lớn pay Alexis Sanchez £12 million in wages lớn offload the forward next season.

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John Cross and David McDonnell of the Mirror reported the former Arsenal and Barcelomãng cầu superstar could depart on loan as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reshapes his squad during the summer.

Sanchez has been at United for 16 months but has experienced a crash in size, suffering repeated injuries.

Inter Milan are reportedly exploring an opportunity lớn take Sanchez on a 12-month loan, with United having lớn pay half of the attacker"s £500,000-per-week wages.

It has been a miserable spell for the Chile international after previously being one of the most dangerous players in the Premier League.

United"s squad has experienced a collective failing in the past year, facilitating the kết thúc of Jose Mourinho"s tenure in Manchester.

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Former United defender Patrice Evra has questioned why Sanchez opted to lớn sign for the Red Devils. Speaking to Sky Sports, the ex-France international said the player"s motives might have sầu been financial over football:

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"Some players only come for the money, I am not afraid to lớn say that.

"I have nothing against hlặng, but Sanchez, when I saw the khuyễn mãi giảm giá, that"s when I thought the Manchester United history just went down.

"He had Manchester City, they were offering less money but he was going khổng lồ play better football than United - I"m sorry about that, but City play better football và Guardiola will improve sầu hlặng.

"So I want to know what is the real reason for choosing United? Don"t tell me he loved Manchester United when he was a kid.

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"It"s either the money or he wanted to lớn be the number one, take the No. 7 shirt và be the star."

ESPN FC"s Alex Shaw emphasised just how poor he thinks Sanchez has been since departing the capital:

Alex Shaw

Notoàn thân could have sầu foreseen it khổng lồ be this bad, but genuinely believe sầu Alexis Sanchez to lớn United is the worst transfer of all time.

Former United captain Gary Neville told Sky Sports it"s a mystery why Sanchez has been such a flop:

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